Why to do Online Purchases

First we have to understand what is online purchase also known as e commerce.

  • Shopping  Directly through any electronic media over the Internet on some Platform
  • Shopping with our Choice
  • Global Market in our hand
  • Shopping with the help of Desktop, Laptop, Mobile and Tablet

In Online Purchases the seller is the Platform from where we have to purchase.

How to do Online Purchase

  • As we are going to Shop and telling about what particular Product we want to buy and   then the salesman gives us the option of that item
  • Similarly in Online Purchases what we are telling is changed by the keyword we have to type in the search option of the platform we are using.
  • The shopping Platform will give us the best matching option for that keywords and show us the product list
  • We can view the product details and choose what to buy or not and we can explore the market

                Keyword is the Strong Option of our purchases.

  • After getting the Product then we put the product in the cart or basket  and do more shopping if we need.
  • After completing Shopping we have to check out from cart
  • We have to tell on what location or address to deliver and make the payment as per our selection .

This way we will complete purchases

Now lets discuss about udemandme.com : https://udemandme.com/

One of the upcoming online portals to fulfills your demands at the earliest with Quality and timely delivery.

Communication with Customer : By way of Contact Forms and Email and Whatsapp. You can send your bulk enquiry by whatsapp and you will get the response asap.

Search Items : Use keyword to search your item and you will find it and from the search bar you can move direct to cart which saves our time. If you are not able to find your item then just take the photo and whatsapp and udemandme.com team will revert you asap.

Information : Normally the way of showing information is we scroll down the product page and see but udemandme.com gave a easiest way just click on the information tab (if any more information there) and you will find information in front of you and you can download it also.

Credit System : Normally in business the company gave the documents to suppliers for giving the credit . The same is there in udemandme.com . You have to fulfills some requirements with documentation and the udemandme.com will approve your credit limit and credit period how much it should be. And when you purchase you have to send the cheque copy within 12 working hours to process the order and against delivery you have to give the original cheque. So it is online but business like normal doing business.https://udemandme.com/payment-policy/

Payment Mode easy for Customers : By way of Cash / Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking / Cheque ( for approved customer) / Wallet . https://udemandme.com/payment-policy/

Wallet : On every purchase you will get 0.5% as cashback value in your wallet after the ending of return period which you can use in your next purchases.https://udemandme.com/payment-policy/

Discount : If the Customer is transfeering the money from his bank directly to our bank account using his online banking facility ( without taking any credit period facility) then the customer will get another 0.5% discount on total bills. If the customer is making the payment in cash or payment by credit card swapping in machine against delivery then he will also get the benefit of instant 0.5% cash discount.

There are lots of benefits i saw in using the udemandme.com and let us use this and explore more features.

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