Customer Satisfaction is our First priority.

We follow all International  Standards when it comes to Sourcing, Procurements, Logistics, Warehousing, Quality Checks & Sales Processes. So you can be rest assured that you will get the required product …

For customer convenience they can communicate  and send any request for any product or enquiry through Whatsapp.

Customer have the option to Pay in AED or US Dollar.

We offer Deliveries at AED 1/- only  within the United Arab Emirates subject to minimum ordering norms being met. Customers can always visit and buy products from our site any time.

If the Customer want to send any bulk enquiry then they can send there list just by whatsapp or email or by enquiry  form and if it consist of any images then they can upload the images or if they have any files associated with the enquiry then they can send the file by email or whatsapp. Once you complete your request by filling the form then the ticket number will be issued which will be the communication base for all till the enquiry is closed.

If the customer wants to send any machine for repair then they can use our services , we will pick the machine  from there works and deliver it to the authorized service center with some extra pickup charges. The actual cost of repair within warranty (if any) will be intimated to the client after having the quote from the service center and if it is approved then the tentative time for delivery along with amount will be communicated and will be delievered accordingly.

All the products sold at the website are supported with back to back manufacturer warranty. If in any product there is no warranty then it will be mentioned or request to kindly get it cleared . If there is no clause of warranty then it means that the warranty on the product is not covered.

If the product is not used as per the standard methods then the warranty will be finished.

There will not be any warranty on the consumables of the machines. 

Warranty not mean that the product will be picked up free of charge  from the client premises. Customer can drop there product at our pickup/drop center to avail the warranty .

Any accident or loss due to the product supplied is not the warranty of the  in respect of country of origin expects that what is written on the box or packing of the material. Any discrepancies between the website and packing country of origin will be taken as the clerical error and to be intimated to us immediately so that it can corrected immediately to make other clients the actual thing.

We welcome the feedback about the product from our client  as it will help us to improve our services and give the clients a better product.

If any Client want to use our customized service then they can send the full details of there requirements by whatsapp or email and we will arrange to make the call to your goodself by our associated supplier/manufacturer asap to fulfill your requirements and satisfy your goodself.

We have the rental services on our website . If you want to use and have better prices then kindly use our whatsapp service or email.

For any Query or Problem please contact us through Whatsapp or through our contact us form or by email.

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