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Annular Cutter ( Portable Cutters)


Specialized bit Cutter for drilling through steel. Synonyms of Annular Cutters are Core Drill , Core Cutter , Broach Cutter, Trepanning Drill or Cup-type Cutter.

These Cutters mostly used with Magnetic Drill Base Machine but, can also be used with machine tools such as mills and large drill presses with proper tool holders.

These Cutter cuts the outside edge of a hole i.e. cuts only a groove at the periphery of a hole. It Produces accurate burr-free holes to nearest close tolerance .

For example : In Larger Holes requirement , normal drilling we require to pre-drill first so it involves many steps but with annular cutter we can drill to required size with one step only.

Solid Slug scrap generated while cutting can also be reused with some application ( if need).

Wastage generated by these cutters is very less as compared to conventional drilling of the holes .

Annular Cutter can drill a much larger hole and require less force and time than a standard twist drill bit.

Two most common types of cutters are High speed steel (HSS) and Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT).

Different Sizes of the Cutters are available from 12 mm (1/2’’) diameter to 200 mm (7 7/8’’) and larger. Depths of 30 mm, 55 mm, 75 and 110 mm are commonly available.

Best use of these are with magnetic drill machine is to make the large hole in standing position . Because in standing position making the hole is difficult, which the annular cuts do without any hassle.

Annular Cutter Geometry :

These Cutter are similar to Hole Saw Cutter but differs in geometry and material.

Angles on the cutting teeth makes a big difference in how the cutter will perform. More precision is the angles more increase in tool size life and accuracy.

Best Brands of Annular Cutter in UAE :

We can find these Cutter from different manufacturer famous in United Arab Emirates like :

-> Macstroc Brand Cutter

-> Euroboor Brand Cutter

-> Dewalt Brand Cutter

-> RUKO Brand Cutter

Accurate and clear Cutter

Types of Annular Cutters :

-> High Speed Steel (HSS) Cutters

-> Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) Cutters

75% of the application uses the HSS Cutters. Because using the coated or carbide tipped cutters will make not much benefit to the user.

To drill or hole in hardened materials such as SS , HARDOX Steel and High Tensile strength steel such as railway tracks we can use TCT or Carbide or Coated Cutters.

Customer need for TCT Annular Cutters and also HSS Annular cutters can be made available in very short time by udemandme.com.

Selection of the cutter depends on the diameter of the hole needed, the depth of cut and the type of material.

Application of Annular Cutter :

A wide range of these cutters are designed to cut through the following materials :

-> Carbon steel

-> Stainless steel

-> Aluminium

-> Hard Alloys like Titanium

-> Hardox steel

There is a nice youtube video for how to use these cutter and we think it would help you a lot :

Difference between Drilling with Magnetic Drill and Annular core Cutter :

Now let is know how to choose between Carbide Tipped or Hole saw or Annular Cutter :

Diameter & Depth of Annular Cutter

These are the two main parameters of knowing the cutter.

Ensuring that the tool can drill all the way through the required size hole , the cutter size is longer than what it is said in actual.

This ensures that the tool can drill all the way through the hole and also allows extra length for resharpening.

Pilot Pin for Annular Cutter

A large nail type looking object used with annular cutter.

It go through the center of the cutter.

Pilot Pin serves the following important function :

-> To find the center of the hole

-> Allows the coolant liquid to flow down around the slug and to the cutting depth.

-> Eject the Slug at the end of the cut.

Accessories Used/Required in Annular Cutter :

-> Pilot Pins

-> Chuck Arbors

-> Machine Arbors

-> Sharpening Machine


These Cutters are more expensive but are more efficient and best alternative to spiral drill bits and standard Hole Saw.

Above all, these cutters are at least 3 to 4 times faster than the convention drill bits .

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